Ads Management

Facebook Ads

Ads API Partner

social gear is officially permitted to use Ads API by Facebook

social gear provides the Facebok Ads Feature to maximize the Facebook Page Operation. Focusing on Promoted Posts, it boost the promotion of contents from Facebook page.

Create Ads

1 Campaign = 1 Post, 1 Target = 1 Ad Set

Though Facebook Ads supports a lot of element as target settings, social gear provides only what makes real difference as a targeting. It automatically create an ads set target by target to do the A/B test among the target setting. You can save the target setting and use it in a different ads.

Several Ads sets can be created from 1 post according to the target setting but they are created under 1 Campaign automatically, meaning that 1 Campaign contains Ads as long as the ads are created from the same post. It is easy to compare the Ads Performance post by post.

Post with Ads

Post Ads Result together with Post Insights

The ads result of the Facebook Page Post advertised as a Promoted Post ised together with Post Insights. In this way, it become much easier to compare the organic and paid post engangements.

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