Multi-User Accounts

Access to your multi account in the control panel easily and analyze quickly to your social media content!

Multi-Facebook Page

social gear supports Multi-Facebook Pages. A user can sees of all Facebook pages assigned to them with one social gear account.


social gear supports Multi-Language. Currently it supports English and Japanese. Depending on the demand, social gear will support other languages.

Export Data

Export your data from the individual or overall graph by customize value parameter in CSV and Excel format. Graph can be exported in PDF and Image format.

Active Graphs

Graphs renders the same across all browsers and devices including PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and most other mobile devices.. Yes, you can check the on your phone.
Graphs are interactive, animated and printable! Graphs also support Image Export in JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG format. You can simply download the image and paste use it in your presentation.

Print Ready

All Pages are print ready. By using browser print feature, you can print out what you see in the browser into paper media.

Tag & Analyze

You can tag whatever keywords to your own posts and group them in keywords to analyze the posts: By campaign, figures in pictures, type, sales information… No limit!!


Social Gear is responsive platform that supported all devices to browse and no matter if you are visited from a desktop, tablets or phone.

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